Collaboration and compatibility requires organisations and individuals to work together, something in which AL Business House takes pride.  Of course, it is much easier to work with people where there is some degree of compatibility; where people are “on the same page” in most areas of mutual interest concerning the business. They should have transparent and open communication.


Compatibility comprises two elements, behaviours and culture. Compatibility fosters an atmosphere of trust because the partners’ behaviours and culture are aligned, and their level of awareness about each other increases. Compatibility and trust make possible the openness necessary to solve problems and grow companies.


Al Business House works with strategic partners to provide tailor-made programmes and interactive workshops on Inter-cultural intelligence, helping company owners and their teams make the most of the UAE’s business opportunities. We are certified in Inter-cultural Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-linguistic Psychology making our approach holistic, educational and informative.



Our foundations is built on trust. A trusting relationship will unleash the power of innovation and creativity. This allow our partners, you, to spend time and energy wisely in the pursuit of more creative and productive endeavors, ultimately growing the business.


Trust allows a company to invest in the future with the trust that its counter part will continue to support the partnership’s strategic objectives and vision.



The Values



Transparency and trust go hand in hand – feeding on each other. The more transparent we are, the more we trust. The more we trust – the more transparency we are comfortable to go about our daily lives knowing we have the support we need. It is important for organisations to lay a strong foundation that will enable both parties to build trust and increase transparency over time.


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